• Jukjeon (Seoul) SA
  • Chilgok (Seoul) SA
  • Chilgok (Busan) SA
  • Pyeongsa (Busan) SA
  • Geoncheon (Busan) SA
  • Eonyang (Seoul) SA
  • Samgukyusa Gunwi (Sangju) SA
  • Gunwi Yeongcheon (Yeongcheon) SA

Daeshin's Family

  • Daejeon Daeshin Academy
  • El Tower



Our 50 years of history has been aligned with history of the Expressway No.1 (the oldest and most heavily travelled expressway)
that contributed to Korea’s significant advanced growth in logistics and distribution system in early 1970s.

History of Service Areas(SAs)

Expressway’s SAs, which are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, used to focus on offering light snacks and places for relaxation to drivers and passengers in the past.
However, the idea of service has been changed dramatically and now SAs are the new places for dining, shopping and diverse modern amenities.

The facilities of DSE that boasts a history and tradition of over 50 years achieved rapid growth by making many developments in both quality and quantity over time.
We will continue to be the best travel partner for all customers while connecting major cities / areas.

SAs of DSE in numbers

  • 438,000h

    Opened all year round
    for 50 yrs.

  • 378,594m²

    Total area of
    8 SAs

  • 1,858

    Parking space for
    1,858 cars

  • 2,039

    Cafeteria with 2,039 seats,
    capacity of store building

  • 548

    548 total toilets

  • 20,000

    More than 20,000 products
    on sale

History of DSE


  • Won the bid (private investment (BTO) project) for the management authority of SAs located on the Sangju-Yeongcheon Expressway began operating Samgukyuksa Gunwi & Gunwi Yeongcheon SAs


  • Acquired the management authority of Geoncheon (Busan) SA and began integrated operation of Eonyang and Pyeongsa SAs. Chilgok (Busan) SA received HACCP certification for the first time in among all SAs in Korea


  • Daejoo Industries, a subsidiary of DSE, won the management authority of Jukjeon SA and began operations


  • Established a subsidiary, Daejoo Industries, and began operations of Chilgok (Busan) SA


  • Won the management authority of Chilgok (Seoul) SA and began operation


  • Won the management authority of Eonyang SA and began operation


  • Established DSE and won the management authority of Pyeongsa and Geoncheon SAs
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